Our web pages in Finnish and in Swedish are above all filled with system and product information aimed for our customers. We avoid sell directly to cunsumers, although we almost without exception participate in the system design dialogue with our customer in open co-operation with our dealers.

Please note that REPS focuses on the Finnish market, but also acts as stocking Distributors on Export markets. 

Johan Åminne, M.Sc. (Civil Eng.)
Phone: +358-40-5332609

johan.aminne -at-

Johan is the owner of REPS Oy Ab and lives at the island of Bockholm.

Johan's speciality is contructions and building physics. Johan is responsible for our Customer support, tower designs, marketing, offering and the sourcing.

Contact Information:

21760 Houtskär

VAT FI19782006
email: reps -at- (replace the -at- text with the @-sign)