When Johan Åminne wanted to power his permanent residence at the island of Bockholm he found out that the cost to connect his island to the power grid would exceed 60,000 euro. He looked for alternatives and started to discuss off-grid electricity solutions with Jonas and some other friends. Johan also contacted suppliers of wind and solar power solutions in Finland and tried to picture out what he needed.

Johan soon realized that none of the incumbent resellers in Finland knew what would really work in practice. With his background in civil engineering, Johan asked important questions, such as what condensation does to the inverter electronics when the cottage is heated from sub-zero temperatures, what kind of tower to raise his wind generator on, how to dimension the system to ensure that it always functions during winter time, and how big it needs to be to be able to use the equipment he needed for constructing his boat house.

Johan finally managed to find a solution that met his requirements through discussing with Jonas and the other friends. Meanwhile, he had acquired an in-depth knowledge on what power solutions were available and what seemed to work in practice. Johan’s struggles generated the idea to set up a company that would help other people realize their powering plans; power plans that had not previously been possible to implement due to lack of knowledgeable support in Finland.

REPS Oy Ab was founded on August 4th, 2005 (VAT reg. no.: FI19782006), jointly by Johan and me. Since then, we have worked on quantitative models to help people dimension their systems to meet their personalized requirements. We have implemented an e-commerce solution for our dealers and electricians, and general webpages for end-customers in both domestic languages (Finnish, Swedish).

In 2007 we more than trippled our revenues compared to 2006 with the support of our direct supplier Southwest Windpower, OutBack Power Systems and MorningStar. It is with pride that I claim that REPS Oy Ab is the leading provider of advanced off-grid microwind solutions in Finland. For 2008 we expect the growth to continue.

We are in constant dialogue with our manufacturers, dealers and customers to stay on track and keep going in the right direction.

- Jonas Stjernberg, Chairman-of-the-board, March 2008